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Tanzania fundraising surplus has fantastic impact!

Posted by Robert Lamb on 6 November, 2014 at 16:50

With our donation of about £3,000 SEEDS for Tanzania purchased desks and chairs for the two pre schools, and also teachers desks and cupboards. We were able to cover the cost of transport to Chitemo and Nyhinila too. There is a picture of a man getting ready to put the wooden seats on iron framed chairs. We also purchased pots, cups and plates for the children’s mid-morning porridge (maize gruel rather) and there is a picture of these. We were also able to buy 100 hand-held blackboards and chalk for the children. Paper, with its one-time use, is too expensive for them to have. The pre school buildings are not finished, but windows are in or going in, so the end is in sight.

The Nyhinila borehole is working! There are some pictures of this too. Unfortunately the geology didn’t enable it to be sunk in the middle of the village and it is a couple of hundred metres from the edge – but that is loads better than the 3 km walk to Chitemo and back for water. It has also taken pressure of the Chitemo water supply and the queues there are shorter.

Credit should go to the Tanzania team for all that they did to make this possible. Photos can be found in the album "Tanzania: 3 months later".

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